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Train anybody, everywhere, anytime
Try out scenarios and fail safety
Instructor-led training
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When VR technology becomes a new and effective way to train and entertain your people. Elevate the level of performance through an immersive experience!

Project Follow-up

VR allows you to recreate a simulation that is as close as possible to the realities of your employees’ daily lives and allows users to enter an environment they are familiar with.

By alternating the lesson, exercise, question and feedback phases, the employee is at the heart of an immersive experience that allows him to learn and experiment without any risk, on many topics related to food safety, health and safety, maintenance, or other customized subjects fitting your needs!

To help you discover Virtual Reality

To support our teams and facilitate the work of our trainers, a video explaining how to use the virtual reality headset has been produced in French, English and Russian, to help them discover this technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What training courses are available?2022-06-22T14:36:00+00:00

We want to provide innovative virtual reality training solutions for the operations that constitute our core business and our daily life. Whether it’s catering, maintenance or health and safety – the topics we cover are becoming more and more numerous over time!

Does your solution allow you to manage human resources data related to training follow-up?2022-06-22T14:35:13+00:00

Our solution is linked to a back-office that collects user progress data and provides human resources departments with the information they need to monitor in-situ training over time, site by site.

Does the solution require heavy investment in terms of equipment?2022-06-22T14:31:18+00:00

We designed the solution in a way it operates in stand-alone mode, meaning you don’t need any computers or a specific IT installation to launch the training program. The headset is all you need, it works by itself, and is available broadly on the market at a very reasonable price.

Does the solution need internet connectivity to work?2022-06-22T14:29:33+00:00

No, our solution is designed to work without internet access. Connectivity should never be an obstacle to ensuring a proper training.

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